Ring of the Messenger of Allaah

The Prophet -sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam– began wearing a ring towards the end of the sixth year of al-Hijrah.

Engravement on ring of Messenger of Allaah

The ring had Muhammad Messenger of Allaah engraved on it.

Ring of Messenger of Allaah in a well

The ring fell fell into the Well of Arees.

Shoes of Messenger of Allaah

a person can wear what shoes as long as it has not been prohibited according to the Sharee'ah.

Clothing of the Messenger of Allaah

It is necessary to know that regarding the origin of clothing, it is permissible to wear what you want.

I have gone grey

I have been made to go grey by Soorah Hood and its sisters.

The Prophetic Seal

The Prophetic Seal which Allaah placed between his shoulders.

Physical description of the Messenger of Allaah

Allaah was the most Generous and gave him the most perfect and most beautiful physical characteristics.

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